Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Far So Good

Wouldn't you know it, I'm out of town the first time news comes about the temple!!

At least it's good news right?!

Yesterday, the Kansas City Missouri Planning and Zoning Committeeheard the proposals being put forth to allow for construction of theKansas City Missouri Temple, an adjoining meetinghouse, and 140 residential units on the designated 56-acre site. The Committee unanimously passed the proposals to the City Council with thefollowing recommendations: (1) Shoal Creek Valley Area Plan amendment: Immediate Adoption(2) Rezoning Ordinance: Advance and Do Pass, Debate(3) Community Unit Project: Advance and Do Pass, Debate The City Council meets on these issues today. It has final authorityin the Plan amendment. The other two ordinances, however, will pass tothe City Plan Commission for final approval.

I love seeing the Lord's work move forward and can't wait for groundbreaking. One of the other pieces of info I am excited about is the adjoining meetinghouse! Our area is growing by leaps and bounds...the stone is rolling forth!

Being in Utah has been wonderful and has made me even more excited for construction to begin.

Kansas City, here I come.


Frosty said...

Another meeting can we all not get excited? When we first moved to Liberty, we had two small Wards. Now our three are busting at the seams!

Before you know it, bulldozers and such equipment will fill that beautiful big hill where the future Temple will be. How exciting!

The Martineaus said...

On Thursday, July 30, a resolution and two ordinances needed to permit construction of the Kansas City Missouri Temple went before the Kansas City Council. The Council adopted the resolution and passed the two ordinances on to the next phase of the approval process.

During the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting the day before, the project representatives noted that the Church wished to begin site construction by the end of this year with construction on the temple beginning likely in April or May of next year, though no groundbreaking date has been announced. Please follow the link below to watch video of the proceedings.



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