Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember Me?

Dear Temple Chaser,

Remember your old friend, the green Naugahyde chair? Well, I'm still here. I'm waiting patiently and saving your spot to watch the temple be built. It's been a long time since you visited me. Oh, I see you drive by often and I even see you glance my way from time to time. Do you know it's been cold and wet this winter? When you're in your nice warm car, do you think of me? Remember the time you brought your friends or "watchers" out to see me? I was so proud to wear your "Reserved" sign. I'm still here...reserving. I look forward to seeing you again soon. I know the temple will soon come and when it does I will be ready. I also look forward to better days. Better weather. I hold on to the memories of green grass and blue skies, birds chirping, you screaming from slithering snakes...ahh, the good times. Hurry back.
Until then, I remain ever yours...Reserved.


Susy said...

I think you should sit on the chair and read it a verse or two of your favorite scriptures. It sits there in a lovely quiet place which will not be quiet for long....Enjoy the solitude with your friend the chair!

Valsy said...

The Temple Watchers are missing the chair as well. Wish it well for us. :) I love to see it on Facebook whenever I visit a friend there (TA)

Aubrey said...

I seriously think we should take that chair before someone takes it away in the trash. We could make a sign and put "Official Chair Of Temple Chasers." Or, you could cut out part of the fabric and put it in a scrapbook of the temple's journey! :)

cory and sharon said...

We will all wait patiently with you. The day will come and it will be a great day for all of those in you area who have not had the blessings of having a temple so close. Thanks for keeping watch.

Loves2Craft said...

Hi, Jackie Frost from Liberty 1st Ward. I too have gone and shared a moment in the Wonderous Green Chair! I have some delightful pictures for the scrapbook. Thank you for this enlightening blog.


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