Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Chair had it right

I ventured out this morning before church to see the temple lot dressed in white. The first dusting of snow has fallen and while it's not much, it does make it look a little different.With the news of the temple lot being to the south of the originally thought location, I figured I needed to go check it out. Personally to me, this lot is not nearly as scenic but with landscaping I'm sure it will be beautiful. Because of the closeness to the freeway, the temple should be visible for miles in many directions.
And actually, the chair had it right. All along during the last couple of months since the temple's announcement and since it was discovered dropped there, the green Naugahyde recliner has been facing south, directly at the temple lot. Today went I went to take photos, there it was reclined and posed...ready for action.
It's looking a bit forlorn and lonely, but it's still keeping it's vigil.
Also, for anyone who is interested...the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is coming to the Sprint Center here in Kansas City for a concert in June. Tickets will be available for sale in local wards within the next couple of weeks. They will make awesome Christmas presents for family, friends and those we wish to share the gospel with. I would be happy to assist anyone who is interested in getting tickets and will provide more info soon.


Sam Ransom said...

Go green chair!!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Ooh! Please let me know when they are coming and how to get tickets! I would love to get them as stocking stuffers for my hubby is they go up for sale in time. Otherwise, I just want tickets!!!

Thanks for your awesome blog!

Christina said...

We drove out there today to try to figure it out too to be able to picture it in our mind, and I am so horrible with directions and maps, and told Eric surely you would have an updated picture soon.

I am so excited about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir coming to town! I can't wait!

Susy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love the temples, so much for us to learn. I live 23 minutes from the Las Vegas and I must admit I wish I could live walking distance! How sad is that!

WishTrish said...

LOL! That's awesome! They are builiding a Temple less than 5 miles from my house right now, too. Or should I say they are growing cotton on a lot that will someday hold a temple? It was announced early 2008, but I don't think it will break ground for another year at least... bummer, eh?

Thanks for stopping by from SITS today! I'll be back!


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